Bernard's AutoMod feature is an automated content moderation suite that identifies inappropriate user messages, deletes them, and applies punishment commensurate with the crime. Server administrators can leverage simple or complex-pattern matching through regular expressions to identify slurs, profanity, unicode character spam, and other undesirable content within a user's message sent to the server. The message is deleted and algorithmically assigned a score, and the author is punished accordingly depending on the severity of the violation.


A user's Rapsheet contains their moderation history within your server, as well as some basic information about who the user is. Moderators can quickly view a user's historical punishments in the server and use this information to punish a user's recent behavior appropriately.


Important events in your server (such as users joining or leaving the server, messages being edited or deleted, and so on) can be reported in one or more text channels. This allows moderators to identify abusive behavior (such as quickly deleting pings to users) and apply punishment accordingly.